Recurring 404 page not found problem

Hi all!


I have a recurring 404 page not found problem on a WordPress site.


I know the solution to this is to save the permalinks. However what I need now is to be able to find the source of the problem

The problem can happen about once a day.

For now I use statuscake to alert me if pages fall to 404


So my questions: I know that the source of the broken permalink problem can come from anywhere. However, is there a way to investigate what is causing this? Is there a way to log the action that breaks permalinks?


Details about the website:

\- Use the latest wordpress version with php 8.2

\- have WPML with 4 active languages

\- Have a custom themes with custom routes


Any advice is welcome, thank you!


1 Comment
  1. Is WP cron working correctly?

    I feel like this happened to us a while back and unfortunately we implemented a hacky solution to intercept the 404 and programmatically reset the permalinks. So, a bandaid.


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