Redirect Entire Directory using Yoast

I have a WP site using Listing Pro as a business directory.

All the categories have a structure of


I want to change it so that they all redirect to


The purpose being to shorten the URL from the default for categories

There is a way in listingpro to make the change easily, BUT I was looking for a way to redirect all the old category names to the new category names without having to enter 40 different redirects.

Is there some kind of wildcard I can use?? The Yoast SEO interface has something called Regex but I can’t figure it out from the documentation.

To be clear, I don’t want all the old names to just redirect to one parent place, I want them to go to their individual names under the new structure


  1. Use a redirection plugin, like the one called Redirection 😉

    The rule is: `^/listing-category/(.*)/` => `/view/$1/`

  2. Be careful that you’re not messing with the plug-ins local disc mapping. I’d try the redirect on a staging or local site, first.


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