Redirect Rules Not Applying Automatic ‘ / ‘

I noticed this issue on version 2.74 (at this time, there is a more up-to-date version, but I don’t know if that fixes this issue).

I actually got this problem resolved, but didn’t know if this was a bug or something, so thought I’d be this out there if someone else was having a similar issue.

So, I had a few 301 redirect rules on my site with the proper Redirect From and Redirect To URLs set in place. It looks like the rules are supposed to have a ‘ / ‘ forward slash added before the URL automatically, so I would always paste in my slug like this directory/subdirectory/page without the ‘ / ‘ at the beginning. For whatever reason, this wasn’t being applied and it took me a while to notice why the redirects were simply not working.

So, the solution for me was to “edit” the rule and then click “save”, all without editing anything. Then the plugin would auto-add that ‘ / ‘ to the rule. After this the redirect worked.

Some of my other rules seem to be lacking a visible ‘ / ‘ in the rules, but are still working. I have about 170 redirects, so this makes me a little nervous about others being broken I am unaware of.

I didn’t know if this needed to be addressed by the plugin authors or not, but figured I’d at least make sure other users can find this get a resolution to this problem.


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