Redundant backups/ Using GitHub to manage versioning

I am new to working with WordPress and am currently at my first ever “tech job” working at an MSP. I have some background in writing code and web development in general, I recently worked with one of our clients and my boss to arrange for us to redo their website using WordPress. We initially started the work using a locally hosted installation of WordPress, but later switched to using a staging site on []( instead. I have been tasked with designing a robust and redundant system of backups and the like as well creating a diagram depicting what that would look like. This is something I had never done before in general but is made even more confusing by adding wordpress into the mix. I think I have a fairly solid concept laid out but am hoping to get some feedback/criticism/ideas etc. as I genuinely have no clue. I have attached the most current version of the diagram to this post!! Thank you in advance for any feedback 🙂


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