Removing Plugins I have already used – damage to site?


I have had some performance issues on my site recently and 2 plugins I would like to remove on my site to help with this are – Sitekit by Google and Webstories by Google (both google ironically!)

My question is, will removing these now affect my site? Specifically…

– Webstories – I have done a few of these on blog pages but will they ‘break’ if I remove the plugin now

– Sitekit – I used this to simplify setting up GA and GSC when I first started (will that break using those?)

Thank you.

  1. I’m not familiar with webstories but usually yes uninstalling a plug in which you are using will break the things you’re using it for.

    On the other side though you will likely lose your connection to GA from the site but that is easy enough to reconnect and you can even just do this with inserting some code in your header.

    In short yes it will break things but they’re probably quite easy to fix.

  2. I go through this a lot. I try removing stuff on a staging copy of the site, then testing to see what broke. Unless you want to read the code and drill into the database, this is the best way to answer your question.

  3. Yes, site kit removal means you need to have an alternate implementation. Just use the code implementation. Sitekit is totally unnecessary.


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