Replacement For WPBakery Page Builder?

Hello, all. We switched from whatever the generic WordPress editor was to WPBakery Page Builder about six months ago. While I do love and use the new features, there’s a lot of frustration, too. Worst of all, it seems to be 100% impossible to use on mobile, so I’d like either a) advice on how to make it more functional for our needs, or b) suggestions on what could replace it.

I do like the new features of WPBakery, and it’s improved our blog, an anime/Japan blog. I like using blocks, having more elegant galleries, and so on. I am greatly frustrated that I can’t see the default of galleries to be “full” rather than “large” since it means I have to manually change every one after I create one. Ditto for no way to set “full” as the default for images, or set them to be centered by default.

Big the biggest frustration is that you can’t hide the huge, ugly header that looks like it was designed in 2001. This makes editing a blog post in WordPress while on mobile, which I sometimes need to do, the most frustrating experience ever.

So, can anyone help? Is there something I can do to make WPBakery better? Or is there a really awesome platform we should be using instead?

  1. I’d replace it with Bricks or Breakdance. Divi v5 is coming out soon and seems to be significantly faster now that it’s no longer shortcode based and they removed the animations.

  2. Editing WP content on mobile is painful, regardless of the editor/page builder.

  3. For starters, let’s address the mobile editing issue. While WPBakery Page Builder isn’t the most mobile-friendly tool out there, there are a few things you can try to improve the experience. First, make sure you’re using a responsive theme that plays well with WPBakery. Some themes might conflict with certain features, so finding the right one can make a big difference.

    Additionally, consider using a mobile-responsive plugin or extension specifically designed to enhance the mobile editing experience with WPBakery. These can help optimize the layout and functionality for smaller screens, making it easier to edit on the go.

    Now, onto those pesky default settings. It’s frustrating having to manually adjust settings like gallery size and image alignment every time you create a new element. While WPBakery doesn’t offer built-in options to set defaults, there are a couple of workarounds you can try.

    One option is to use custom CSS to override the default styles for galleries and images. By adding some simple code to your theme or child theme, you can set the default size and alignment to whatever you prefer.

    Another option is to look for a third-party plugin or addon for WPBakery that provides additional customization options. There are many plugins out there designed to extend the functionality of WPBakery, so you might be able to find one that addresses your specific needs.

    As for alternatives to WPBakery, there are plenty of other page builders and content editing tools available. Elementor and Divi are two popular options that offer similar functionality to WPBakery but with their own unique features and customization options. It might be worth giving them a try to see if they better suit your needs.

    Ultimately, finding the right tool for your website is all about experimentation and finding what works best for you. I hope these suggestions help alleviate some of your frustrations, and feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or need more assistance.


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