resbumit failed orders from subscription

I’m using WooCommerce subscriptions and this is not clear from the documentation. There is good information available on how to resolve the issue and communicate status to the customer, but I couldn’t find anything about how to resend the failed and missed orders for payment once the original problem is resolved.

I had a payment failure on a subscription, which placed the subscription into the Pending state while it was sorted. The payment information has been updated and I need to submit two orders for payment:

  1. The order that failed (exists in “Failed” state)
  2. The order that was missed (=never created) because it took a while to sort out

Is there a way to resubmit the failed order for payment on Stripe? Do I need to create a manual order for the missed payment? (If so how? I wouldn’t be asking if it was obvious.)

Greatly appreciate any guidance!


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