Resolving Compatibility Issues with Caching Plugins in Form Builders

Hello @hassantafreshi

Thank you for reaching out and I am happy to help with this.

As I can see from the github link you shared, the hooks for flushing the cache of specific post. In W3 Total Cache we have:

w3tc_flush_post( $post_id );

If possible please share an example of the issue (some post or description) SO I can possibly share a more accurate solution.

You can also always add the page that containing the Easy Form Builder to exclusion in Performance>Page Cache>Advanced>Never Cache following pages, or if the files are minified in Performance>Minify>Advanced>Never Minify following pages
If some problems are occurring while building the form in the wp-admin, you should make sure that Minify is disabled for the logged in users in Performance>Minify section.

Let me know if this helps!


Thank you for your response. The issue with the function mentioned in the previous thread has been resolved. The problem was that when the user tried to submit the form for the second time, Easy Form Builder show 304 error to user. The reason for this was a disruption in the authentication process, as we were using something other than nonce. However, as I mentioned, the issue has been resolved with your above-mentioned function. Thanks.


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