Resource Usage Spikes – when editing or publishing posts


I have been having issues with my site slowing down, it happens when I am in the admin pages, but even more so when I am editing or publishing posts, it spikes massively according to CPanel.

Any ideas please on how I can see what is causing it or reduce the load?

Many thanks.

  1. In your CPanel, navigate to the MySQL section and enable the Slow Query Log. This will log queries that take longer than a specified time (usually 2 seconds).

  2. I manage a site and one issue was the bin log was getting full. There was a rogue query running and it was filling that up and then making things slower.

    As someone else said enable slow query log and see if you can find it. There is also a plugin that you can install that shows what is going on on a page.

    I think it’s this one:


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