Reverse 20 questions

I want to make a website where you try to guess an animal by asking What continent it lives on, What it eats, What family its in etc. I’ve already made some demos for this from scratch but want to try to make it with wordpress. I’ve made one version with Java where you have dropdown menus like «continent» where you can chose a continent and Get «yes it lives in …» or «no it doesnt live in ..» etc. Then a made a version with javascript where i used ChatGPT where you could type in question about the animal, but found that gpt could write wrong answers and could become expensive. Is there a way to make this site as fast as possible with wordpress? Is there Any good plugins i could use etc. There are several APIs that exist that i could use and i could also create a db myself with the info.
Ideally i would want a mix of the Java and javascript apps i made, where you could chose to use dropdowns or write questions. Would love Any tips on how do this in wordpress. Also i dont have much experience with php as i’ve mainly used node etc for backend. Could this become a big problem?


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