Set and use a variable (like a contact name)?

Apologies if this is a really stupidly easy question, but I’m having difficulty.

I see how it’s easy to set and use some of the “built-in” variables in WordPress, like a site title or tag line (set them under settings/general, then add the corresponding block) But can I add to that list?

For instance, let’s say I have several different places on a site that refer to a specific contact person, and I want to make my life easy if that person ever leaves their position. I’d like to do something like define that \[contact\_person\_a\] is “John Smith”, then insert a field into my text like “Please contact \[contact\_persona\_a\]…” so that if John ever quits, I can simply update \[contact\_person\_a\] to be “Sally Jones,” rather than manually update every single page/post.

Is this possible? (Preferably without touching actual code?) Thanks!

  1. You can try the ACF shortcodes, that’s pretty similar to what you’re trying to do.

  2. If I had to approach this, I’d use [Advanced Custom Fields]( But I use ACF as a foundation for all of my websites. You can create custom fields for specific posts or pages, but you can also create option pages for sitewide features.


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