Settings show website is running PHP 8.0.24 but plugins throwing errors indicating <7.4

[Server Info](

[Wordpress info](

[PHP Test Script](

[Fatal error from SMTP2GO’s composer php check](

At first I thought it was a mistake because the plugin had just pushed an update and it was the only plugin that was logging such an error. I reached out to the company that manages the hosting of the site and SMTP2GO.

Many of the suggestions I read online included SSH commands but the site is thought Liquid Web and it’s not supported. I also don’t have cpanel access, but I do have FTP credentials.

I pushed our host managing company to investigate further, but they are adamant that everything is as it should be and that it’s an issue with how the site was built or the plugin in question.

Unable to get anywhere, my choices were to edit the php check to <70200 or disable the plugin entirely. We pay for smtp2go and wpmail fails to send some emails originating from gravity forms, so I opted to editing the checker and monitor the site for any repercussions. So far, there haven’t been any residual issues.

Until yesterday…

Another plugin, Advanced Custom Fields took down the site after it’s most recent update with [this debug log notification](

If I’m not mistaken public and private string was added in 7.4 and line 23 of the mentioned file is:

public string $option_name = ‘acf_site_health’;

I saw a post somewhere when I was first investigating the issue that said something along the lines of the server could be running 8.0 but something (htaccess I believe) in the directory is overwriting that and making it execute using a different version. I just have no idea if it’s possible for me to find that or if I have to unrelentingly pester our hosting manager. I also don’t know if downgrading the php version in this manner would affect the version displayed on the site health page.

If anyone has any ideas or knowledge of this sort of problem, please comment, I feel like I’m being gaslit.

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  1. Is the composer check done via the CLI? The PHP CLI version could be different from the PHP version on WP.
    > php -v


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