Shipping in Admin Manual Orders

Hi @japenz, thank you for contacting us. WooCommerce seems to doesn’t re-create the shipping calculation on back-end, so none of the shipping methods (WC native or other 3rd party) will do any calculation.

Fish and Ships works in an standard mode, so if you find any plugin (currently mantained) that does this functionality but fail with F&S, we’re open to work together with the developer.

But there isn’t in our roadmap to add this kind of functionality by our way, or at least, at this moment. I checked the plugin Admin Shipping Calculator for WooCommerce, and doesn’t worked for me, not for Fish and Ships, and not for native WC flat rate method.

Then I seen your patch, and It hasn’t worked either. Then I tried to patch by myself (I posted it in this thread:, and seems to work, please, note that this is not related with our plugin: modifying an obsolete plugin is something that you do at your own risk, and we can’t guarantee that it don’t cause other issues

In principle, it should work with all shipping methods, Fish and Ships included. (please test and leave feedback here about, in this thread). The only feature I expect to fail is the conditions set by user role (this is a feature of Fish and Ships Pro).

If you want to give feedback about the Admin Shipping Calculator patch (whether it works or not, or could be improved), please post your feedback in the Admin Shipping Calculator thread:

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Hi @wpcentrics,

Thank you for taking the time to take a look and post a fix… amazing!

The code was missing a bracket, but it works perfectly with it put in.

I’ve always been surprised that Woocommerce doesn’t have manual order shipping pulled from the shipping rates like this by default, it makes such a huge difference to the workflow when creating manual orders.

Thank you so much for your help, very much appreciated!


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