Should I have a different link from my wordpress website to a shopify store?

Hi all,

Thank you for letting me post on here. I currently have a blog and am so far directing a decent amount of traffic. I want to sell products, but the way I currently have my website set up with the shopify button does not seem to be working very well for me. My biggest question is, I would like to keep my website mainly on WordPress, but am thinking about buying a separate domain and when people come to original link and click on merch, it takes them to the separate domain which will be the shopify product page. Is this a good idea or does this not make any sense/bad idea won’t work? Or is there any other work around?

My biggest goal is to monetize the blog from traffic, and to also sell products, and my understanding is wordpress is way better for the blogging portion of this at least.

Thank you all for your help!


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