Should I just cut my losses? Alternative platforms?

Hello. Sorry if I sound a little whiny in this post; I’m just a frustrated newb who’s a little disappointed because I purchased a WordPress site hoping it’d be low-effort and it’s turning out mostly frustrating.

I’m looking to build a website with a purchased domain, running blog/post page, about page, and a page for art (possibly an art store page). I tried setting up the layout of a WordPress today, completely butchered the layout of the theme, couldn’t figure out how to restore it, found info on installing a plugin to restore it, but then found I need a Creator account to really do much substantial (including installing this plugin), and I can’t afford that. I feel like I was sold a product that looked very fill-in-the-blank and easy, but it’s actually quite difficult to figure out how to alter a theme without irreversibly ruining it.

Any tips on how to fix this problem? If not, should I just abandon this blog, cancel it, and set myself up somewhere else? Where’s an affordable and easy-to-use hosting site (or, a different one, lol)? I mean, I am looking for the most unfuckupable, do-it-yourself host. Would Medium be a better investment?


  1. Per aspera ad astra. If you are ambitious, technical and design things don’t scare you, you will figure it out – if only you devote some time to learn. “Low effort” usually yields low-quality results.

    If not, then I don’t know… maybe Squarespace or Wix could be something for you… But I have no experience with them and their concept doesn’t appeal to me…

  2. Not sure why you’re having so much issues. WordPress is super easy to learn and use. You just need to install themes and templates. The “Creator” account indicates the site is hosted by Their plans are very expensive. You can finder cheaper WordPress hosting elsewhere.

    I recommend watching this YouTube video to learn the basics of WordPress. I found it an excellent resource.


  3. Anything’s hard if you’re new to it and haven’t read any documentation.


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