Should I use a video as a container background in the hero section ?

I am building a website using WordPress for a B2B business, I would like know if adding a video as a background of a container with heading and texts would cause the website to rank low and have reduced loading speed ?

The video would be compressed to the least possible file size, but it would be helpful if anyone can point out if there is a threshold like below 10 mb or something of that sort? Also whether it has to be upload on the hosting server or embed from an uploaded YouTube video?

My main priority is website ranking and loading speed across all devices, but confused whether adding a background video for aesthetics would affect negatively.


  1. Would it affect its rank? No. People put too much weight in “SEO” and metrics like that.

    That been said, you want to do it in the best way possible for user experience. Take a single frame from the video, load that as your hero image in webp.

    Once the page loads, initialise the video and remove the image but make sure to retain the height of the parent element. That ensures it’s loading quickly and isn’t causing the page to jump around.


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