Showing/hiding content in a template based on ACF checkboxes

Guys I may be dull but I’m trying to make this work for multiple days.


I have ACF form for post submission. After submitting the form, a post is created with ACF fields displayed within the template.


**But one thing I still struggle with.** **I have a checkbox ACF field. Based on which checkboxes are ticked, I want to display specific table.**

If the box is not selected, the table should not be displayed on the frontend (in the post).

There must be easy way to achieve this, but neither of the <php if> I found on the internet didn’t work for me. It either results in critical error on the website, or doesn’t work.


I’m using conditions already in a way that if ACF field is left empty, part of the content is hidden in the post. But this one I’m still fighting with.


Does anyone have any examples please?


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