Site being disabled by multiple hits from different ips

The last couple of days my site has been completely disabled by multiple ips making hundreds of requests and overloading the server to the point that the site is taking five minutes plus to load a page. I can’t post anything new as the server times out before it will even save. MySQL has crashed multiple times during this period as a result.

Support gave me a list of the ips that were targetting the particular page and plugin that is causing this. I had a blissful morning of about four hours where the server loaded smoothly. Now my attackers are back to playing whack-a-mole and overloading everything again.

So my question is is there a plugin that will detect if an ip is making multiple visits to a particular page and block it? We’re talking about 50 or more strikes on a page from the same or similar ips within five minutes.

  1. Hire a devops engineer to hook your logs to cloudflare or eat my flood. Sucka.

  2. It would be better to block it with Cloudflare before it reaches your server. Blocking at the server level will do nothing to reduce traffic.

    But you should also be using the Wordfence plugin.


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