Site kit connected correctly but no data in analytics

Thanks for reaching out @pappaclart. If you’d like to share the following I’d be happy to investigate this further:

  1. Your Site Health information. You can use this form to share privately if preferred.  
  2. Did you recently install any privacy or consent type plugin before you noticed a drop in traffic?
  3. If you click on the ”Source: Analytics” link within the Site Kit dashboard, do you see any recent data from the Analytics directly? I’m aware you mentioned you don’t see traffic in Analytics directly, however, this may be when you were using the real time reporting tool only.

Note that Site Kit pulls the information directly from a users Google Analytics account, so it may be a case that a configuration with a third party consent/privacy plugin is impacting your site visits in Analytics, as opposed to any Site Kit feature.

I can also see that the standard Google Analytics snippet has been modified by a caching or optimization plugin, which can also impact standard behaviour. Once we have the above information we can determine more on this.

Thanks for the quick reply.

1: I submitted site health details via the form

2: No

3: The site kit shows all the recent traffic data up until the issue where no data is showing in the Google Analytics console.

In any report in the analytics dashboard, there is no real-time traffic, there is no traffic in last 30 mins. I look after many Ananytlics properties so am familiar with navigating them.

Lastly, I have already disabled all caching plugins, and disabled Cloudflare and the issue still persists. ( they are reactivated now)

I also look after other websites that use the same caching plugins and settings that do not have an issue with analytics data.





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Regarding ‘Source Analytics’ link. It goes diretly to the correct ananlytics property that shows zero traffic.

Thanks for sharing @pappaclart. From reviewing the details I don’t see any consent or privacy feature within your plugin environment, as you’ve stated. As I do see some consent type code placement on your site, which is not placed via Site Kit, can you share what applications or extensions you have enabled at Cloudflare level, or maybe even at host level?

Note also that your Analytics tag is firing (manual check | check), so it seems to be more a case of your consent configurations impacting reporting. If we can determine what is being used to add the existing consent features to your site, we can troubleshoot this further.

Regarding ‘Source Analytics’ link. It goes diretly to the correct ananlytics property that shows zero traffic.

If you’d like to share a recording of this we can check further, as what you’re seeing on the Site Kit dashboard should match. If you are seeing zero traffic on the main reporting pack from (and not the real time report), this requires further review. You can use a service such as Loom or RecordIt to share a screen recording, while using the same form previously used to share this privately. 

I submitted the screen recording.

I already disabled as many plugins as I could and the issue still persists.They are reactivated now. Currently, Cloudflare is disabled. Nothing has changed in the server environment. Thanks



Thanks for sharing @pappaclart. Data is appearing in Site Kit as it is in Analytics, with the metric you reported from being “users in the last 30 minutes”, which is – as you’ve stated, showing zero traffic. We don’t have this metric, or any live reporting traffic within Site Kit.

Back to the issue regarding no traffic reporting at present, I suspect this may be Cloudflare configuration related, maybe with a privacy or consent add on. I’m aware you disabled Cloudflare, however, when checking your site at present it’s being served from Cloudflare servers.

If you changed the nameservers or made some DNS changes to your domain, it may just be a case of waiting for your site to be served from your host provider. While I can check this later, are you aware of any add-ons or extensions you may have applied at Cloudfare level? I ask as I’m aware of add-ons that can impact Site Kit behaviour.

Don’t meant to hijack this thread, but since we are having the same issue, maybe it’s better to post it here. GA stopped showing views since Site Kit was updated to the latest version yesterday. We haven’t made any changes to the site since. Rolling back to previous versions of Site Kit and resetting it multiple times didn’t resolve the problem. Like the user above, we use CloudFlare. No plugins are enabled on CF and we haven’t changed any CF settings for months.

@talkbasket Did you enable Consent Mode within Site Kit by any chance? If so, this will default to not tracking some users until they consent. For that reason it’s suggested to use a third party plugin to configure your consent preferences.

Feel free to open an individual support topic if you wish, so we can communicate with you on your case specifically. I saw this as I don’t see Consent Mode active within the site in this support topic, so the cases may well differ.

@jamesosborne We didn’t enable Consent Mode. For that we use InMobi’s (previously Quantcast) CMP, which has the support for for Google Basic Consent (GBC) and Global Privacy Control (GPC) in its settings. does show hits including Page View but nothing comes up in GA.

Thanks for the update @talkbasket. In that case, I would suggest reaching out to the product experts over at the Google Analytics Help Center.

I suspect your traffic is impacted by the Digital Markets Act (DMA) changes, so only visitors who have explicitly given consent are tracked. You’ll find more on this here. This is a requirement in some regions, such as the EEU, and it’s not specific to Site Kit. We did add Consent Mode to the plugin to help users navigate these changes.

We’re also happy to review your site and confirm a successful snippet placement via Site Kit, while also checking your site using the service. If you wish for us to do so, please open an individual support topic. While we can’t assist with third party plugin configurations and how they may be impacting traffic, we can check for a valid Site Kit snippet and check your plugin configurations to see if we spot anything unusual. Feel free to share your Site Health information after opening a support topic. Thank you!

“Don’t meant to hijack this thread” @talkbasket

But, you did. In the future, please start your own topics. .new

I am getting analytics data now in the dashboard. I think you may be correct regarding Cloudflare because even when disabled it’s only caching being disabled but Cloudflare still manages DNS.

Cloudlfare had issues today as per

I assume the above was causing the issue because analytics data stopped exactly when Cloudflare had these dashboard/API issues.

See how it goes but I think all is good.

Many thanks for your swift and professionsal suuport. It is grealy appreicated.

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Appreciate the update @pappaclart, and that’s great to know about the Cloudflare downtime/issue, in particular should other users report the same.

As data is now reporting as expected, I’ll close this support topic. If you run into any further reporting errors or if you have any other Site Kit related queries, be sure to get in touch. If you have a moment free please also consider sharing your thoughts on the plugin.


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