Site maintenance charge per month

I know it varies based on the client, site and how much maintenance is done.

How about a relatively small/medium site (no ecommerce) for a medium size client and just doing some plugin updates/minimal maintenance?

(I would be charging extra for actual website changes of course.)

What would you charge per month?

  1. Minimal maintenance gives no actual description of what that entails so I’d charge 2k

  2. Prices also vary significantly from country to country. For example, here in Croatia, some charge around 500 EUR per year per site, or 800 EUR. It depends on many factors, and one important one is what services you are going to offer to each client, with what frequency, and how many “calls” you receive from particular clients per month. 🙂

    In order to reduce the time needed to maintain those sites (and cut costs for our clients, as the majority don’t understand what we need to “maintain” once the site is built), we use some maintenance productivity tools such as MainWP, scheduled offsite backups via the All-in-One WP Migration plugin, etc.


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