Site name is not displayed by Google + ‘alternateName’ is missing


Google refuse to display ‘Site name’ above the web address in search results.
This happens on almost all websites (8 websites) using this plugin.

I know that Google doesn’t guarantee that Site name will be displayed but I start to thinking is not normal.

Google start to update how Site names are used (July 2023):
We need to add ‘alternateName’:


something like this: “alternateName”: [“BT”, “B-T”, “Burnt Toast Shop”, “”]is completely missing even if the plugin promise to generate it since ver. 2.9.0, when Person or Organization is filled and is different from site name.

Expected behavior

We really need to output rich ‘alternateName’ AND with more then one alternative names, according to Google:

Can you have a look why it’s not generated and add more options to add alternative names?
Also, any other ideas or bugs that can prevent to Google accept Site name?


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