Site too wide

Hi all.

I’ve been trying to update the website where I work. Currently doing a lot on a staging site but I can’t seem to narrow down the page? (Probably not explaining it right).

The text is being cut off of the shop page but there’s no layout option to add a border or centre it slightly?

Any help would be appreciated!

  1. Your theme “BlankSlate” would suggest that you have a custom theme (since the BlankSlate theme is just an unstyled blank template to build up on).

    Who developed it? The width of the site is likely contained within the theme’s stylesheets, which will require some development knowledge (or at the very least, knowing how your theme has been put together so you can adjust the CSS).

  2. It was designed by an external company. I’m just updating to add the shop and that seems to be the only page the text gets cut off on at the moment


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