start transitioning Unlimited Elements to Gutenberg Blocks for the future

This is the notice from an Elementor Addon I once used—

This Addon allowed me to use Dynamic Tags and create Custom Elementor Templates for Elementor Free version.

Today, they are no more, and the reason is because Elementor is evolving, and adding into its Core, the features that we once needed Addons for.

Features like Custom Skin that I needed Ele Custom Skin or E-Addons Template feature for, have been replaced by Elementor’s Loop Grid.

Features like Mega Menu, Conditional Visibility, Modals, Taxonomy Filters, and many features that we needed Addons for, have all been provided by Elementor in its Core.

In time, many Addons will no longer be relevant.

Because I’ve benefitted from Unlimited Elements both in time past, and as of yesterday, I’m of the opinion that Unlimited Elements should not die.

Start the process of transitioning to Gutenberg Blocks because Gutenberg will indeed be the future of WordPress.

The Plus Blocks for Elementor ( )
has seen that future, and they have created The Plus Blocks ( )

You have to also make this transition in order to safeguard your future in WordPress.

If you don’t start thinking this and doing it, you will soon become irrelevant and obsolete, when Elementor finishes adding everything it once lacked, which you provided, into its Core.

And by Elementor 4.0 and beyond, many Addons are bound to be rendered not-needed.

In your transitioning to Gutenberg Blocks, ensure that you build everything that Elementor has, including everything you have, as your Gutenberg Blocks.

In that way, you will have both the power of Elementor and Unlimited Elements in one package.

And since it’s Gutenberg–which is fully Open Source, you have Creative License to provide a semblance of something else that still exist, branded in your name.

Looking to hear from you soon.



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