Starter Agency – WordPress Tech Stack – Opinions?

Hey guys!

I’m diving into the world of agency work and have been soaking up knowledge from this sub, along with recommended books and YouTube tutorials. Now, I’m eager to begin reaching out to potential clients and expanding my network. I’ve already got a basic tech stack in place, but I’m seeking advice on how to enhance it for better client interactions and efficiency.

**Current Stack:**

* Hosting: SiteGround
* Page Builder: Divi
* Theme: Divi Themes
* Basic SEO Tool: RankMath

**Recommendations Needed:**

1. **Form Integration:** I’m looking for a reliable form solution to streamline the “Contact Us” section of my website and to gather emails for a mailing list.
2. **Security Measures:** What are your go-to tools or practices for ensuring website security?
3. **SEO Research Tools:** Any recommendations for tools or platforms to enhance SEO research and optimization efforts?
4. **Other Useful Tools:** What additional tools have you found valuable for your agency? I’m particularly interested in cost-effective options as I’m still in the early stages of my agency journey.

**Pricing Strategy:**

Considering a monthly subscription business model based on my current understanding. Any insights or experiences with pricing strategies would be incredibly helpful.

I’m open to any advice or suggestions you may have. Thanks a bunch in advance!


1 Comment
  1. Personally I’d go with something else instead of Divi. Used them a lot but their builder is inferior to others like Bricks or Generatepress. Add ACF to the stack, you’ll often find a need to add custom stuff and that will be helpful.

    You can also build an option page for clients where they can update things like phone numbers, social links, working hours etc.

    Building out knowledge base for both employees and clients so you don’t repeat yourself for things like Creating posts, new users, products etc.

    Creating SOPs can help you streamline processes

    Document things like configuring servers, caching rules that work etc to minimize learning stuff again and again

    Use CRM to track leads and deals

    Cloudflare, OWASP firewall and Wordfence for security.

    Managewp, InfiniteWP for single dashboard for all clients.

    Gravity Forms for forms.


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