Stateless wordpress im google cloud (Load Balancer Instance Groups)

Hello, everyone!I’m considering setting up WordPress on Google Cloud as a stateless application and would love to hear from anyone who has gone through this process. My main questions are:Advantages: What benefits have you noticed? (e.g., scalability, performance improvements)Problems: What challenges did you face? Were there any unexpected hurdles in terms of configuration or maintenance?Security: Do you find that running WordPress statelessly on Google Cloud has made your site more secure?Experience: Overall, how would you describe your experience? Is it more complex to manage than a traditional setup?Ease of Use: For someone considering this approach, would you say it’s beginner-friendly, or does it require a fair amount of technical expertise?I’m really interested in making my WordPress deployment as efficient and secure as possible, and going stateless seems like an intriguing option. Any insights, experiences, or advice you can share would be greatly appreciated!Thank you!

  1. No it isn’t beginner friendly – you need a really good reason to need to do this.

  2. It’s not that difficult with a pretty barebones wordpress installation; once you got your container going you might choose between building the implementation yourself (which is not super hard with hooks) or use one of the many plugins that offload media to s3/others.

    It becomes more difficult if you rely on third party plugins that might hook into the upload/serving process; this could create some headache.

    I would say performance wise, if you run wordpress on a big enough machine and use caching and so on, it really won’t make a difference unless your traffic scales into the millions/day.

    If you need your page to be super reliable that’s another argument. But even for that companies WP Engine probably might serve you better.


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