Steps to revert? |

Hello Ollie, I am planning to implement your plugin to a woocommerce website with more than 25000 products. The main reason is to speed up the woo administration dashboard, as the frontend works fine already.

I would like to know what the steps to revert are (just in case sth goes wrong with the implementation). I understand that restoring the backed up sql database and deleting the plugin folder should be enough. Is that right? The steps I am planning to take are:

1. Create a duplicate of my original database (I will create a second database and import my current database there before installing your plugin)

2. Change wp-config.php settings to point to the new duplicate database.

3. Install and test your plugin.

4. Hopefully, see a speed increase 🙂 and do nothing more. But just in case, the website crashes for some reason, delete the plugin folder (I have root access via Cpanel) and change my wp-config settings to point to the original database.

Is there anything more I should do?

Some more questions:

I am also planning to implement object caching. Is it better to do it before or after installing your plugin?

How long can it take for the keys generation to complete? My database is 600MB with ~1million wp_postmeta. I mean, will it be minutes or it can be hours?

Looking forward to your feedback and many thanks in advance for your time!


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