Stop another site from redirecting to my site


I am hoping to stop another site from a specific url from redirecting to a page on my [website. My](https://website.My) site is [](, custom built site that was built by an agency. I have control over the plugins but I’m not that saavy enough at coding to feel confident to go in and make changes there.

Is there a plugin I can use to block the url?

  1. Use the “Redirection” plugin to block a specific URL from redirecting to your WordPress site. Install and activate the plugin, then create a new redirect rule with the URL you want to block, set the HTTP code to “404” or “410”, and save. This prevents the redirect without coding.

  2. If it’s an SEO thing you may want to disavow to Google, if it’s just somebody you don’t like redirect traffic from that URL to a non-indexed page and have some fun with them


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