Stripe Not working for my subscription product

Hi @jigar-bhanushali

WooCommerce Subscriptions is marking the subscription as manual because you deactivated the FunnelKit plugin. Our plugin is designed to automatically migrate user info from plugins like WooCommerce Stripe Gateway. When WCS detects that the gateway_id associated with the order is not active, the subscription gets marked as manual.

We haven’t added an automatic migration for the FunnelKit plugin because there hasn’t been any demand for that. We can take a look at adding that in the next release if you would like as we encourage users to choose Stripe Verified Partners for things as important as payment processing.

Kind Regards

yes please do something which helps for all. I lost 6-7 payments because of this issue. I thought the simple stripe configuration would help me. Thank You

I lost 6-7 payments because of this issue.

It’s important to note this isn’t an “issue” with our plugin. It’s caused by the fact that you switched from an unsupported Stripe plugin.

We will add support in the next release so that users can switch seamlessly.

Kind Regards


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