Struggling with adding a post category page to older WordPress site

I apologize if this is a crazy or dumb issue to ask for help on. I’m not a pro developer by any means, but I do provide some basic website services to my clients. I know enough to know when I am out of my depth.

I’m working with a client to achieve a very simple goal with his WordPress site: adding a new page that will display blog posts from a single category. Normally, this is not difficult to do. However, my client has not done a lot of updates to his site since he hired someone to set it up for him in 2011.

Current version information:
WP version 3.2.1
Theme: Catalyst 1.3.3
Child theme version: Dynamik 1.1

I have suggested he update his WP version, but he is in no rush to do so. I think I should be able to just create a custom page template to assign to the new page, but between the older WP interface and the confusing dashboard for this Catalyst theme, I’m struggling.

Can anyone help?


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