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Hi @leomoss

This is possible with some custom code.

You can add this Javascript and CSS code wherever appropriate for your environment to accomplish this:

Javascript to click submit button once a rating is selected:

document.querySelectorAll('.forminator-radio-image').forEach(item => {
  item.addEventListener('click', event => {
      setTimeout(() => { document.querySelector('.forminator-button-submit').click(); }, 50);

(Add <script></script> tags before and after if necessary)

CSS to hide the submit button:

#forminator-module-162 .forminator-button-submit {
    display: none;

You can Google search something like “How to add CSS to WordPress”/”How to add javascript to WordPress” if you need help understanding where these go.

Hope this helped.

It worked like a charm!!!

Thx for your help @aakash8


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