Suggestions about backups and cloning

Hey r/WordPress!

I’ve been using ServMask WP-All-in-One for backups and cloning for the past year and it’s been fantastic. However, my Unlimited extension is expiring next month, and I’m wondering if the $69 renewal fee is still worth it.

Are there any similar plugins out there that offer one-click backup and restore functionalities, especially for transferring development sites built locally (I use MAMP) to live website?
This is the reason why I went with WP-All-In-One last year. It just works really smooth with a drag&drop of the backup file, always with 0 errors.

I tried XClone from Github but it seems buggy (couldn’t even click the backup button!). The issue page confirms ongoing issues related to its “early development” stage.

WPvivid Backup seems promising, even the free version. It even offers Google Drive and WebDAV backups!

While I’m open to other suggestions, avoiding monthly/yearly subscriptions is a big priority for me. That’s why I’m hoping to find a free or open-source alternative here on Reddit.

Has anyone had long-term experience with WPvivid Backup? Any feedback would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I love it for agency applications. it’s my number one go to for large and complex migrations. It’s not my preferred backup tool, but it does make it super easy to snag a real time on demand backup before large upgrades, so I do us it for that. For daily/hourly backups I use my server’s automated backup functionality, and BlogVault daily backups. I love redundancy, and easy one click staging etc.


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