SVG Elements Lost or Altered After HTML Synchronization with WP Air Sync

Hi WP Air Sync Supporting Team,

I’ve encountered an issue with the WP Air Sync plugin that specifically affects the formatting and presence of SVG elements within my HTML content after synchronization. The original code contains SVG elements correctly formatted within button elements, but these elements are missing or altered in the synchronized WordPress content. Below are simplified excerpts that illustrate the essence of the problem:

Original HTML Structure (Pre-Sync):

  • Contains buttons with embedded SVG elements for icons:
  • <button type=”button” class=”…”> Try It Free <svg xmlns=”; class=”…” viewBox=”0 0 24 24″ fill=”none” stroke=”currentColor”> <line x1=”…” y1=”…” x2=”…” y2=”…”></line> <polyline points=”…”></polyline> </svg> </button>

Altered HTML Structure (Post-Sync):

  • After synchronization, the SVG element is missing, leaving only the button text without any formatting or interactive elements:
  • <p>Try It Free</p>

The synchronization process seems to strip away SVG elements or improperly handle their formatting, leading to a loss of intended design and interactivity in the final WordPress content.

Seeking Guidance On:

  1. How to preserve SVG formatting and elements during the synchronization process.
  2. If there are known issues with SVG elements and the WP Air Sync plugin that I should be aware of.
  3. Any settings adjustments or plugin updates that can help maintain the integrity of SVG elements in the synced content.

Your assistance in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. If further information or additional examples are required, I am ready to provide them.

Thank you for your time and support.




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