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1. Booking Calendar supports imports events from the several sources via .ics feeds.

Please check about the configuration of import events from .ics feeds in this FAQ instruction here
Please note, the import process is working in that case, when a visitor opens your website page with booking import shortcode. So you can configure CRON at your server, for periodically accessing this page with booking import shortcodes to start the import process. Or you can insert the import shortcode before booking form shortcode, so firstly the system will start the import process and only then show the booking form, when someone visits your page.

In case if you are having some issue of not ability to import new events, then check this troubleshooting instruction:

You can define CRON at your server for periodically access pages with import .ics feeds shortcodes and start import process during specific time-intervals, then check this:

Please check about the configuration of export .ics feeds in this FAQ instruction here
Booking Calendar is generated .ics feed with bookings in real time. But how often some services (like airbnb, or ) access this .ics feed to import the bookings from Booking Calendar into their own system, does not depend on the Booking Calendar. So in other words, Booking Calendar does not force the import process by third party service, when some booking is created. You need to check with support of this service (like airbnb or, about how often they can access the .ics feed for making imports.

2) The ability to have independent calendars possible in all paid versions of Booking Calendar.

Check more here

You can watch video overview about this feature here

Please read firstly the general instruction about usage of paid versions of Booking Calendar:

You can create the different booking resources (your properties or services – unique calendars) at the WP Booking Calendar > Resources page and then you be able to insert booking forms for each of your booking resources into the posts or pages. Please read more how to insert and configure the booking shortcode into the post or page here

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