Syncing user roles between multiple sites – problem!

Hi WP Community,

I hope you are all doing well! I have a rather tricky problem I’ve encountered and would appreciate any feedback, support, or solutions! For quick background on the project, we created 3 seperate websites which each have their own purposes. One is a news network, second a job board, lastly a public directory.

I’ve installed the wp remote users sync plugin and that seems to work fine for registering, creating, and syncing accounts across the websites. However, for the job based site I’m encountering a strange error. If a user registers on the news or directory site then the plugin will also register an account created on the jobs site. This works, However, the user doesn’t have access to their user dashboard. The jobs site has a registration form which only allows for one of two user role options – Freelancer or Employer.

I’ve set the default register role to “Freelancer” which should give the user normal permissions. This doesn’t work. Even if I go in and change the role in the admin dashboard it still doesn’t sync up properly. The only way to get normal access is to physically sign up using the jobs site. If users do choose to sign up here their accounts work perfectly fine on the directory and news site.

Does anyone have an idea on how to debug this or creative solution for a hot fix? Thank you!

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  1. Have you googled “wordpress sync user roles between sites”? Try that and click the first link.


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