Terrible mobile speeds?

Ecommerce store. Built on OceanWP with Elementor/Woocommerce.

I installed image optimization and W3 total cache, disabled minify and got a mobile speed of 64 up from 20.

Now without making a change its back down to 20 mobile speed a couple of months on.

At this point I am considering rebuilding the site fresh page by page on my second domain and then transferring it.

Even the blank contact us page is slow.

What do?

  1. Is everything up to date? Elementor, theme, WP core?
    Mobile responsiveness and speed depend on: general homepage/site content, builder, theme structure, database size, and overall performance – hosting. It is different for every site and general recommendations are images (check) and keeping plugins/themes/core up to date, but there can be something in your site content that is specific, so – hard to know without knowledge about the site structure.

  2. Does the site feel slow on a real mobile device? Bear in mind the mobile test is using a heavily throttled device (slower CPU and network speed), and real world visits on average will usually be twice as fast.


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