The Events Calendar / PHP 8.2

Hi there,

Those PHP deprecation notices will only show when the WP Debug is enabled, but please note that warnings are not errors that stop the code from executing so the plugin works correctly. Those notices are only showing when using PHP 8.2, and our developers are keeping track of those notifications to improve php 8.2 compatibility.

So, in short, nothing to worry about! We fix those items before they become a bug for future PHP versions.

Hi @paulcayton,

You’re very welcome!

If you have some time to review, that would be amazing!

Your feedback helps us improve our services and make sure all our users have the best possible experience.

I’d be closing this thread, and please do not hesitate to bump a new thread on our way. This is for us to track down topics/issues efficiently and for us to follow the WordPress Forum Guidelines.


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