The future of Builders and WordPress

We recently came across a Youtube video (We couldn’t find it anymore).

But it talked about the problem of builders like Elementor for WordPress. Mainly because they are so huge it makes you need less and less plugins as their platform grows. They even make you dont need like a pre-designed theme. So they are eating part of the ecosystem or WordPress, while also making them great tools to develop sites.

Now, we just found even WordPress will have migration guides from builder like Divi or Elementor to the WordPress Blocks( . We have seen what the new WordPress is capable and while they are near to accomplish the ease of a builder like Elementor, we still see there are missing some aspects, but they have been trying to catch really fast.

What would you think will happen in the future? Will there be a space for builders and WordPress to work together? How do you think you’ll be using Wordperss in the next years?

1 Comment
  1. I still don’t use builders and just dev out simple themes with as minimal fluff as required.


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