The WordPress 6.5 RC4 Experience

I happen to be in a pretty exciting point with both my work and sider projects at the moment.

WordPress 6.5, initially postponed, is coming very soon and this is a game changer of a release in so many ways. I sincerely urge you to read up on the 6.5 Release Candidate notes on Then read up on ACF’s upcoming release for WP 6.5.

I am building both projects on the latest RCs. So far, no major issues.

FSE is here and with it are so many fucking amazing things that have my old developer ass super excited:

* A much smoother editor experience. So far this has been a dream. Ultra responsive on my local environment with the essential plugins, some GeneratePress customizations, hooks, etc. I’m happy with it.
* Plugin Dependency. You can now tell WordPress that one plugin is dependent on another, including certain versions. Natively.
* Block Hooks. You can now require certain blocks to be placed with another block, before or after.
* Block Bindings. This is fucking great. You can create dynamic content to render from post meta, even ACF with version 6.2.8.
* FOR THE REAL STUFF! THE INTERACTIVITY API. Based on Alpine JS, I believe, and it will standardize interactivity across core. No more competing libraries when working on a team. It will continue to evolve alongside FSE.

I fully encourage everyone working in WordPress to dive into FSE soon. Build a site with it for fun, to see what you can do with it.

My team is on our 3rd FSE production build with each one being a better iteration than the next. While we’re in a pretty consistent learning curve, I have not had this much enthusiam for building WP sites in a long time.

Go to Playground and install the latest RC. Currently, RC4.

Have a great weekend.


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