These Japanese Spam links are killing me!

Oh I please need some help. I took over a website for a cute little pediatric speech therapy school. The site is wonderful and cute and my client is so happy with it.

However, when I took over the site – I rebuilt it and knew about these damn Japanese spam links but I basically started her site over from scratch and moved it to my siteground server – meaning the site no longer has the virus

In the Google SERPS there are several hundred Japanese spam links and some of them are pointing to porno sites – not good for a site for teaching kids how to speak correctly.

I have been on YouTube, bla bla bla and I found a chrome extension that removes the links but it’s not helping. The chrome extension literally takes 4-5 hours just to remove a few hundred links in the google search console.

There are a few million links not indexed and several million that now point to 404 – which I am ok with those being in the google search console, but I need these links removed from Google SERPs

Does anyone know if there is a plugin that can wipe all this garbage out?

I thought about telling her to just get a new domain but her current domain is 17 years old and has some authority for her local market.

This has turned out to be a total nightmare with these spam links and I cannot get rid of the dang things.

Has anyone dealt with these spam links before and if so how did you wipe them out?thank you so much for any help or guidance!

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  1. Remove the infected URLs via Google Search Console “URL Removal” tool.

    If the site is still infected, then they will keep reappearing. You will need to pay someone to clean the site properly. Removing links will not clean the site – the site has a vulnerability that needs to be removed.


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