things to consider while doing website with shop and donate?

Hi first of all, I apologise if this post sounds very newbie. I am a student who got approached by a nonprofit to essentially update their website by transitioning into WordPress. The nonprofit has a shop that contains products to sell and a donate option for anyone who would like to donate instead. I am not much familiar with WordPress but based on my research, I need a hosting plan which my client suggested either use Hostinger or Cloudways to host it.

For the shop, I would need WooCommerce. The rest of the webpages would be just about us and contact us. As they are a nonprofit, the budget is very limited. The nonprofit already has a domain and we are already looking for the hosting. I’ve heard that WordPress and WooCommerce have paid plugins which I need to consider before building the site. I’m just wondering if anyone could help me have an average cost? Thank you so much!


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