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Hi, I’ve been using this plugin ever since I first saw it a while back, it’s a great solution for fast loading videos, thank you.

I’m having some issues with thumbnail sizes though. I’m currently in the process of launching a newly updated client site which has several videos on various pages. Most of them are pulling in a maxresolution thumbnail image, typically 1280 x 720.

However, 2 of them are pulling in mqresolution thumbs at 320 x 180px, despite the videos displaying on the page at twice those dimensions. I’ve uploaded a correctly sized (1280×720) custom thumb for one of these videos and set it as the default, but it continues to display at 320px which looks pretty bad.

Is there anything I, or you, can do about this? This thread on stackoverflow seems relevant but I’m not that much of a coder:

I can’t share a URL right now as I’m literally in the middle of launching the new site, but will be able to soon if necessary.

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