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Hey @loadingmr,

Thank you for reaching out! I’m afraid that with SliceWP you cannot have this kind of setup.

Even so, we do have some form of a tiered feature on our development log.

I’m curios, are you looking to have tiers working based on the overall sales made by an affiliate or from the order value that the customer is paying?

For example:

For overall sales, by default your affiliate gets a 10% commission for all referred sales. However, once your affiliate brings in $1000 worth of referred sales, they will get a 15% commission from now on for all referred orders.

For order value, if a customer purchases under $200, the affiliate gets a 10% commission. However, if a customer purchases over $200, the affiliate gets a 15% commission.

I’m not sure which one of the above cases you’d like to have. If you can let me know more information, I’d appreciate it.

Thank you and best wishes,



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