Time limit on badges | WordPress.org

I have been using Gamipress for years now, and love it. It drives a lot of engagement at my site. However, it also slows my site way down. My gamipress logs meta table is 260k rows. I clean it regularly. The last update has all but killed my site.

I know for sure that part of the issue is achievements that are still ‘open’ or enabled, for previous years. I restart my program every year, and of course never have time to go in and manually disable every step for every achievement, almost all of which are comment checking achievements.

I requested it before and would like to request again a way to either bulk disable achievements (mine are all organized by achievement types that are tied to year – for example 2020 Achievement Badge, 2020 Achievement Title, etc.), or put a time limit on them beyond which they are automatically disabled. Then the system won’t be checking achievements that are tied to comments on posts that either have comments closed or that aren’t achievable anymore.


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