Top Admin Bar Missing When Logged In – Any Suggestions On A Fix?

Last week I decide to help a friend fix her [WP site,]( which I initially thought would only entail making the layout more mobile friendly and fixing responsiveness issues. As I dug deeper into the site, I found MANY more problems. Essentially the site is an utter mess. Luckily it’s just a single page site, but I do have a lot to clean up.

Most things I can fix, but there’s one thing that I haven’t encountered before, and I’m hoping some of you that are more experienced can give me some guidance on: **when I’m logged into the WP Admin portal, the top Admin Nav/Editing bar doesn’t show if I’m viewing the home page.** Every other WP site I’ve worked on shows this bar at the top, except this one.

Example of what I’m referring to:

* No admin bar at the top, that normally shows up when logged in.

* Admin panel as it should be (this is showing correctly)

Any idea why this is happening, and more importantly how to fix it?
The site is using Beaver Builder Pro ( and the BB Themer (1.3.1), and BB Theme (1.7.9). These are all older versions, but I can’t update any of them because their subscription is expired. I’ve worked with non-updated beaver builder and themes before without encountering these types of issues, so I’m confused why this is happening. Of course, the issue could be unrelated to BB altogether,

Please let me know if I left any details out.
And, as always, TIA for your help!

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