Tracking something besides posts |

Hi @ericssd,

Had a look at your website but it doesn’t seem that it uses this plugin? Or at least I can’t find any traces of it in your source code at the moment.

sorry, I deactivated it last night when it wasn’t working for me. It’s back up now.
thanks for your help!

Ah, I see it know. Thanks!

So the plugin is tracking visits to your ssav_deal post type just fine. I guess that you’re not just seeing these views in the Stats screen, correct? If so:

  1. Go to Settings > WordPress Popular Posts
  2. At the top left of the screen you’ll see a little cog icon floating there
  3. Click on it to trigger a modal that will allow you to change the post type(s) that are listed on the Stats section, then save changes

If that’s not what you mean then please explain in more detail 😛

That worked perfectly! Thanks so much, my client is going to be thrilled.

I appreciate your help and the plugin.

Don’t mention it, glad I could help!


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