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Using BetterLink on your client’s website will still capture the referrer information. When a user clicks on a link to your site, the original referrer value (the client website) is typically passed along, allowing you to see which site hosted the link that brought the user to your site.

Adding the referrer info in a UTM parameter might be redundant, as Google Analytics already provides this information. However, UTM parameters can still be useful for more detailed tracking and segmentation in your analytics. Here are some cases where using UTM parameters can be beneficial:

1.Campaign Tracking: Identify which specific marketing campaigns are driving traffic to your site.

  • utm_campaign=spring_sale
  • utm_source=newsletter
  • utm_medium=email

2.Source/Medium Segmentation: Differentiate between various traffic sources and mediums for a comprehensive analysis.

  • utm_source=facebook
  • utm_medium=social
  • utm_source=google
  • utm_medium=cpc

Using UTM parameters in those cases can provide more details data, enabling you to refine your marketing strategies and improve ROI. But if it is only for the Referr site then you can just use the Google Analytics default referrer

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Great thorough answer. Thank you!


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