Trailing slashes in img tags


I am currently doing a high school level web development course. My final project is supposed to be creating my own website through WordPress. I’ve been doing OK and right now I’m trying to validate the website, but I keep getting this info-message “Trailing slash on void elements has no effect and interacts badly with unquoted attribute values” when validating through w3c.

I don’t fully understand it, as I have been taught to use the trailing slash on img-tags. I also can’t seem to decide whether this is something I need to solve or not, to get the grade I am aiming for. I am in half a mind to just ignore it—however when I was given examples of previous students’ documentations of their last assignments, they have all had zero errors at the end, and they have all used images. So I am supposing they found a way past this, which I haven’t figured out. Unfortunately, I can’t see much of their work, so I can’t see what they might’ve done. I also don’t have classmates to ask, and the teacher couldn’t care less about helping me out, lmao.


So I guess I’m wondering, should I simply ignore this? If so, how would I motivate that in my documentation?

OR can/should I try to solve it? And if so, any ideas on how?


Thanks soooo much in advance!


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