Transferring Changes From Chrome Inspect Tool to WordPress

I am not a developer so my understanding of code is bovisouly quite limited. However, I often find myself in Chrome inspecting a page and by trial and error I’m able to stumble upon the desired change.

The issue becomes reverse engineering what I did so that I can transfer those changes to wordpress.

For example, If I add an attribute in html, then jump around to different parent / child elements and add CSS.

Is there some sort of plugin that simulate the inspect tool for making changes?

Or any other general tips would be appreciated. I am constantly get lost in all the tabs I have open and I spend sooo much damn time loading’s maddening.

I see ppl using tools that seem way faster than the way I do it. Like this app this guy uses to easily jump through the files and make changes to the live site; rather than appearance > theme files. Is this a []( only tool?

I’ve seen some tutorials using the wordpress editor, but I’m using a theme and most pages use elementor. I’ve added a child theme that I’ve used for a few php functions, I usually use customize > additional css for style changes. I’ve never done an HTML change.

  1. So if u use any page builder where it has a css editor, or you can directly add this to the theme settings . You just need to identify the classnames, and the changes you want and copy it.

  2. You can use ftp or ssh protocol to get into theme files and then open them in code editor.


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