Trying to create time lapse of parks/rec cameras for public viewing.

I know nothing about WordPress, but since I operate and maintain the security cameras I have been voluntold to figure it out. We have Axis network cameras monitoring a couple of boat launches and various views of our public recreation sites that people now want to be made public in a time lapse style on our parks/rec site. I have no idea if WordPress can do this natively, or if there’s plugins or anything needed to make this work, but they’d like images refreshed every 5/10 minutes. If possible, l’d like to send the image from the camera directly to the Media Library using the same file name, have the images just over write the last same named file and host page just recognize the new files. This is obviously not a new concept, but not one that I’m able to find good documentation on. Any help or direction would be appreciated.

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  1. This sounds completely doable within WordPress. It’s more or less overriding the file on the server.

    Couple questions come to mind
    1) Are you 100 percent sure you are okay with updating the feed? Hypothetically someone does something in front of the camera that might be illegal and boom it’s on your website. Doesn’t sound like that would be the case here but just something to think about.
    2) Do you know of a way to save a photo of the feed?

    Easiest thing that comes to mind is skip the media library and just have a sub folder under uploads where you have a cron moving the file from server a(where the photo is, maybe even a third party like Dropbox?) to server b (wp). This would require a little coding but nothing too crazy.

    I guess you could just reference the other server and skip uploading it to WP.


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