Understanding how styles work in Block Theming (full site editing)

Im a wordpress developer following all of the latest developments pushing block theming to the wordpress masses.

One of the things I am concerned about and Im having trouble understanding is how all of the different ways of styling will work together. There are global styles, block styles, template styles(?) and possibly styling in a style.css file (and inline styles!).

Is there a good article, tutorial or resource that you have used to get an understanding of how these styles work together?

I read this article ([https://css-tricks.com/managing-css-styles-in-a-wordpress-block-theme/](https://css-tricks.com/managing-css-styles-in-a-wordpress-block-theme/)) and it was good in that it gave me some insight but raised more questions than answered and left me with the impression that wordpress is literally still working all this out. It was updated in december 2022 and that really might as well be ancient history as far as blocks and block theming is concerned.

Any insight or resource recommendations is appreciated. Thanks


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